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Dance is History

While some of our recipes have been crafted and perfected within our own walls, we offer several family recipes and use several techniques that have been handed down across four generations of chefs.

Pure SEL

I focus on Social Emotional Learning and proactive mental health for dance teachers. Social Emotional Learning in teachers is imminent to support student success. With our healthy mental health we can achieve amazing experiences for positive social change.

Special Classes

Ballet for Adults

Modern Dance




  • Let’s collaborate for Positive Social Change

    It is vital to promote positive social change in the classroom. Edman’s (2013) showed evidence that teachers could make ‘magic’ in the classroom. If a teacher does cooperative learning through design thinking, magic could occur when blending ideas for proactive outcomes. The exciting part of creating magic for the classroom thrives from the process, not…

  • Tools for authentic assessment

    Tools for authentic assessment

    The innovative tools for an authentic assessment produced an introspective approach based on needs for student success. In order to identify the twenty-first-century skills, one needed to incorporate multiple methods and waited on responses towards individual students’ activities (Greenstein, 2012). Standardized testing engaged an expected proficiency level, lacking uniqueness, and a holistic twenty-first-century education’s real…

  • Finding your “niche” Starting Point is= 5,6,7,8

    My friend Maria Juan told me during a conversation twenty years ago (during our graduation time) that I was going to find my “niche”. I was so looking in finding out what exactly was what she meant, and I think I did: According to National Geographics (2022) a niche in ecology describes the role an organism plays…

  • Contempodanza and Versai

    For the next school year 2022-2023 I will be laughing a new project to teach dance virtually. I will host an introduction to Modern Dance this Thursday, July 17, 2022 at 5:30 eastern time. If you would like to check the website out, please subscribe!

  • International Dance Day: April 29, 2022

    gNetwork Project Collective Dance Work Across the World I had the privilege of collaborating with amazing choreographers, dancers, poets around the world to Celebrate World Dance Day for April 29, 2022. I am showing all the artist who collaborated with me and I thank them for the opportunity to engage with movement to make a…

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