Global networking

The global network project created possible connection for students to focus on the interest for their knowledge within innovation. In order to accomplish goals for success, student required groundbreaking ways of teaching and learning. According to Kereluik et al. (2013), student need 21st century learning skills with the three main topics of foundational knowledge (to know), Meta knowledge (to act) and humanistic knowledge (to value). The twenty-first century framework gave three other subtopics skills that specified the interactions among the tasks.

Why do this?

  • Because it gives new pathways for student success
  • Because it creates leaders for the future.

How can we do it?

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • What is the problem in the school community, or classroom setting?
  • What are the student’s needs?
  • How can we solve the problem?
  • What can we communicate the outcomes to the world?

Global networking project opened an opportunity for students’ growth for success. The effectiveness of global networking project depended on the leader and the people who was involved in the process. The transformational leader had the exiting challenge to evolved innovative mindset. Now a days, there was different technological advancements, including tools that are waiting to be utilized for diverse tasks.

— initiate, ignite, innovation, relationship, connections, collaboration, create.

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