Building relationships: A light for your own future

Cincinnati Ballet Swan Lake

     The experiences of every person provide an opportunity to connect with similarities or differences to enact positive social change. Based on my doctoral journey,  positive social change starts with a proactive note to build relationships. The potential for a social change depends on the influences and networking with others to construct a proactive product. In the video from Dr. Topper’s (2014) narrative experience connects with others by building a garden for kindergarten students. The main purpose of the project was to build a garden as a therapy for students experiencing nature deficit disorder. Topper had the opportunity to connect with stakeholders to enact positive social change. Therefore, the experience gathered an opportunity to grow to built relationships and experiences to solve a problem or issue for social change. 

     The twenty-first century brought the internet as an innovative tool that connects people with formal and informal communication from different parts of the world. The internet gained social networks, a tool that challenges messages or communications, either positive or negative.  Kezar (2014)  did a literature review that evaluated the theory of social network analysis (SNA) to look at the interactions between formal structures and informal relationships. The participants’ communication requires to enact positive social change by providing parameters among the communication and formality within the conversations. The pandemic event changed the world by building basic computer school work into a virtual world. Social networking and internet communication started as a required tool to connect as a necessity to communicate formal or informal. The literature review from Kezar (2014) and the actual advancements for all students seek internet connections and social networking as a priority to support proactive outcomes for positive social change towards success.

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