Now What for Education?

The school year ends and the one thing teachers think is what now with education? The pandemic event affected the well being of the school community. However, as times pass by, many of the situations became the norm using face masks. Furthermore, the students kept working on becoming better citizens thanks to the TEACHERS who never gave up into new opportunities for growth. Instead of looking into the negative things that happened in the past, it is time to look into the possibilities and the opportunities this new “era” (which I call it to myself) to interact with innovative strategies for students to succeed.

In other to think about the opportunities for students, it is our job as educators to:

  • Think outside the box for ideas for students to collaborate using proper safety guidelines.
  • Support educators and share ideas to enhance innovative learning environment for students.
  • Encourage students with probing questions using the 21st century education learning skills.
  • Built relationship with the school community to let them know what are you doing in the classroom.

This are some of the ideas, are entailed to start connecting for further interactions though the next school year. I will be writing more about different opportunities to enhance 21st century education skills during the summer. As of now, just think what can you do as an educator to innovate your classroom for proactive outcomes with students for success?

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