Keeping the Learning Going

Promoting safety and security without affecting the learning process 

     The situations in a school community, especially in my island, Puerto Rico, confronted imminent emergencies that constitutes a guided action plan by the school leaders to maintain a safe learning environment. As listening the intern Secretary of Education live with Primera hora, I found that the need for students to attend again to the school system, parents and other citizens are being negative about the difficult tasks of understanding how to move forward based on the students of Puerto Rico, which is a human right to get an appropriate education. The school system is protected by the Department of Education of the United States and the Department of Secret Services (Fein et al., 2013). The protocols are also analyzed by the school district in the area, depending on the specific needs, such as places where on growing fires, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, shootings, harm to self, etc. The school communities also establish protocols for safety drills that determine what will happen in an emergency without addressing an aftermath situation. Based on the fact that situations occur in the aftermath, it is critical to have an in-depth organization with the school’s crisis team and the local officials to support a safe learning environment. By establishing a crisis management process, the school community constructs a sense of trust among the school leaders, maintaining safety (Laureate Education, n.d.). The school districts should support strategies to guide the school principal to modify the learning environment for the school community’s wellbeing while at the same time establishing the protocols for maintaining ongoing classes.   

How address inquisitive parents or board members? 

The important matter about inquisitive parents or board members begins by addressing situations and being honest with your school community, especially parents. If the situation requires support, it is important to shout out and ask for parent involvement that can facilitate the process in an emergency. Local officials tend to be part of the protocols at the moment of any school activity (Laureate Education, n.d.). Usually, it is difficult to confront parents without an actual answer, but addressing effective communication and collaboration should create the key to proper responses for parents. By addressing effective communication, the school principal and the leadership team facilitate the guided space to talk about the situation, which may help solve the problem. Communication with the parents is the key to the school’s success. Therefore, the leadership team must create a place of trust in the school to support guidance during need. 

Supporting Students from perpetuating negative behaviors?

Students in a school community respond to what they live through, expressing their positive or negative emotions. A student misbehaving should start with a why to support and emotional distress that affects the student and the ones around. The use of positive reinforcements such as PBIS constructs an opportunity to manage student well-being and become aware of their emotions. The negative behaviors either are interfered with by calling out a personal issue that needed to address immediately. On many occasions, the students lack problem-solving skills to support the need, which in this case, the school leadership team need to find possible solutions like for example supporting parent involvement, student leadership team, drug-free programs, counseling and psychological services, sports teams, and concurrent team creating a safe and effective learning environment (Laureate Education, n.d.). The opportunities in a school grant enjoyment, filling the learning environment to grow a better citizen for the future. 

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