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What protocols are employed for teachers to support students proactive behaviors

Several programs in the United States support positive behavior interventions, such as Positive Behavior Intervention of Support System (PBIS) or Social Emotional Learning (SEL). The PBIS system support classroom management behaviors and intervention to address emotional distress (The Write of your life, 2020). Further, this program has interventions to support parents, students, and teachers. Social-Emotional Learning presents different strategies to support emotional distress within the students and guide interventions for the student’s self-awareness while understanding how to manage emotions (Positive Action, 2020). The program of SEL also has information for the parents and teachers to support the students. However, this program is focused on the student’s self well-being and how to act problem-solving skills.  

Program in the School

The programs for behavior interventions and social, emotional learning support the school community by effectively committing a positive learning environment for student success. The two programs for teachers to manage in the school to address sensitivity in situations include proactive behavior expectations with programs that support the student well being such as PBIS, and effective communication programs between parents and teachers to understand what the plan is to address the student success. The programs to effectively support the teacher’s communication with the parents creates a connection to focus on the child’s wellbeing. The essential antecedent of building collective trust started by understanding the role of expectations (Bachman et al., 2021). Concurrent emails and innovative apps support schools to communicate effectively between the parent and teachers. The concurrent monthly or bi-monthly meetings with parents can also support effective communication between parents and teachers, granting a space to support positive outcomes for students’ growth. The determination of proper communication must be effective as a primary expectation between communicating with parents. Therefore, it is critical to communicate effectively with a certain communication to support responses between the parent, teachers, and leadership team. 

Strength and limitations 

Proactive communication with stakeholders effective positive learning environment. The actions as a principal support effective communication between stakeholders managing the why of a response for understanding. The limitations start when there is too much pressure that can be built in several situations simultaneously. However, with understanding through a list of priorities, one can communicate the proper moment to support a certain task.

Family engagement 

The school principal requires to maintain communication and relationship with the school community. The opportunity of being effective in a school culture brings parent involvement in the school community, building trust and respect among everyone in the school. Creating a mechanism for developing and sustaining a safe school climate is a must (Fein et al., 2013). Understanding parents, teachers, staff members, and students build a set of relationships with adults, with students identifying specific personnel between the home and school.  

Parents and students need to have proactive conversations to keep everyone posted. No se preocupen… con comunicación efectiva todo estará bien….. Éxito!!!!


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