Now, what will happen to Education?

Adalberto Sanchez Morales after Hurricane Maria 2017

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a moment to reflect what happened in the past and think about the new adventures that we will going on moving forward. I was looking into my past pictures when I was the school Principal with the Departamento de Educación in Puerto Rico, and wanted to share some of the pictures that happened after hurricane Maria in September 16, 2017. Even through that we went through devastating moments, we reflected that even thought many of us had damages in our houses, it was our strength to work for students and families in needs. While school were not opened, we went to the community and supported different families making it available for their needs. Most of the families were very thankful for having this moment to share with us. Many of the families decided to be with us when we reopened the school that is why still we accomplished many actives during the school year 2017-2018. This activity in the picture was the activity in which we did the awareness month for Brest Cancer in October, 2017, making a human bond with our elementary students, teachers, parents and staff, making it proactive moving forward for success.

Now moving into 2020…

The COVID-19 pandemic event in 2020 drew many instabilities in education around the globe. There is a lack of information about how to support learning outcomes for student success, and yet, government and higher power are demanding for accountability to justify the economic stabilities. It is evident that educators need to innovate education standards, especially when students are frustrated on understanding a core instruction and at the same time dealing with their mental health circumstances based on their personal situations.

One of the most important fact that we need to address is to understand why education is valued for success. The facts are as follows:

  1. Education is power: Besides understanding how to receive education during this circumstances, you are encountered by new things, new perspectives and new ways of moving forward. Education connects the ability of understanding many things in a holistic point of view for success.
  2. Education is part of the evolution: It is important to understand that when we self-reflect our experiences in life, we can synthesize our own connection between ourselves and what is the needed for our students so we can project goals for our future (Teachers and students).
  3. Education make us authentic educational leaders into creating pathways where we could innovate our talents: When we recognize that is our self awareness of moving forward, we can use our talent connecting into educating a new generation achieving what is our purpose for our students lives.
Adalberto Sanche Morales in Arroyo, Puerto Rico

Therefore, while we reflect about our present, keep in mind that there are others who are still going through the same circumstances or yet, probably worst than us. Our priority as educators is to:

  1. Self Care: You are valuable, you are talented and you will achieve everything you want! So, go to the gym, eat your favorite meal, drink your coffee, go to a spa… What ever you do, take a SEL-FCARE moment!
  2. Bring a positive quote to start your class: If you bring a positive quote that goes along with your coursework, students will reflect and will engage immediately into the class.
  3. Talk to that one student who needs support: We always have a student who is getting called out or at least keeps asking questions, or out of the seat in class… Keep in mind that this student is the one student who need that authentic support to bright their day.

As becoming a formal principal, and now a Guidance Counselor, I recognized the eyes of those students who need that support… Regardless of the circumstances or challenges of what are happening during the day, remember that we are all human and we need to always receive RESPECT and CONNECTION making innovation towards hardship moving forward for new horizons.

Moving Forward for this year 2022: Lets’ Focus on the Good, Stay Consistent for new horizons will glow our future!

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