Moving Forward

An authentic opportunity is to start a new year with new goals, new opportunities to engage into what we want to do for this year 2022. At the beginning of the year, we decide to have a plan in place, others to think about main goals, such as to write, subscribe into new opportunities and projects. Whatever you do, I suggest to think about things that will make your 2022 year as authentic and positive for yourself: 

  1. Be Consistent with your plans and goals: If you are to do exercise, DO IT!!!! It is hard, but life will be easer if you keep working for your success. I started to work on excessing since 2019 and still working on my goal… It takes time, but I can see the change… From a size large, I am in a Size small… I am still consistent in working out at least two to three times a week…. 
  2. Stay Committed with you plan and goals: I also believe that Commitment is the Key! You are committed to yourself, and this will let you think about projects and things for a better YOU! I always say to my kids, ‘if you are going to start something, you have to finish it” no matter what. So, Mikel did not liked soccer, so he finished the year and moved to something else. Caleb on the other hand, still plays soccer… So that makes me a soccer mom!!! 
  3. Trust the process: I know, is hard and complaints starting to float in you mind…. Don’t overthink it! If you think is too difficult or complicated, look for proactive alternatives that will make your task work. 

The reason why I decided to have a tree as an icon for this web page made me realize the importance of looking into my growth as an authentic self to move towards a proactive new year 2022. I had the opportunity to visit the Virgen of Fatima Shrine in 2017 and found a big oak tree. As I was looking into this oak tree, I then realized that it was the same small tree that the Virgen of Fatima appeared to the three Shepards, Lucia Do Santos, Lucas and Jacinta Marto. The three little Shepard had the authentic idea to just constantly pray proactively to change the world into a better future. Because of their hard work of just being authentic, miracles even happened, which are registered by the Catholic Church and even scientific discoveries. So, stay consistent, committed and trust the process…. You can receive incredible things! 

Now, What do you want to share and do for this year? 

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