Let’s collaborate for Positive Social Change

It is vital to promote positive social change in the classroom. Edman’s (2013) showed evidence that teachers could make ‘magic’ in the classroom. If a teacher does cooperative learning through design thinking, magic could occur when blending ideas for proactive outcomes. The exciting part of creating magic for the classroom thrives from the process, not the outcome. According to Dal Corso et al. (2019), performance management was a critical factor in enhancing professional development through processing by helping teachers’ well-being. This study encountered that it was critical to discussing professional development management, which was essential to enhance teacher quality and well-being. Therefore, the connections among teachers’ professional development through implementation at a school setting should establish proactive outcomes for promoting social change in a classroom setting.
The construction of establishing better student outcomes engages proactive leadership for success. The opportunity to enhance student talents and the cooperative learning result bring influential leaders. Martinez et al. (2020) stated socially responsible leadership (SRL), a purposeful collaboration case study, within their school campus through a value-based process. The impact of integrating undergraduate student between their college and community service study suggested that urging students join on-campus organizations and serving on-campus community bringing confidence in understanding community needs and higher levels of social responsibility (Martinez et al. 2020). From this study, undergraduate students supported the in campus setting process that impact community service through collaboration, promoting positive social change. Therefore, students integrate with educational leaders building positive social change for the school setting and society. 
The importance of building capacity for an educational leader on positive social change shows students’ proactive results. Through the social change quiz in 2019, I was considered a faith-inspired leader. Everything that I have done came from my heart, with passion and perseverance. The need to emphasize through education demonstrated the urge to impact stakeholders’ positive social change. Participation in the church also gave me the strength of hope that every negative impact shall pass, and love among proactive and positive accomplishments could impact at least one person a day. Therefore, a faith-inspired giver could bless anyone through the power of educating the magical experience from service considering the love we have for helping one in need. 

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