My Journey: A reflection part 1

Don’t worry… It is just one

My friend Idrissa de Jesús has a studio in my hometown Guayama, Puerto Rico. Idrissa and her husband are owners of the Adagio Dance Studio and is currently celebrating her 20th anniversary. So, Shout out to her and her family! You know I love you all.

I remember that day when my friend Idrissa de Jesús invited me to be part of her recital around 2007 or 2008,(don’t remember). I was part of her recital because Idrissa invited me to choreograph a dance for this recital and to be part of the faculty dance. On this day, while I was dancing on stage, I had to stop in the middle of the dance stage because my vertigo (I really didn’t know what was happening) kicked in. I just looked at another dancer and tried to moved as my body was failing to keep on going… Thank God it was the end of the dance piece!

What happened? Are you O.K.?…. Well, I did not know what to answer…. The only thing that I can think of, is that “This is it”, I can’t dance in front of people and forget my movement…. So, this phase was my wake up call… I only have to ask myself: What can I do and what is my purpose?

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on July 1st, 2008. I was graduating from my first Masters degree in Education and that same my Graduation week. I did not had any babies, married in 2005, and was trying to do so many things at the same time… teaching in a studio and a school, going to master classes and required course for my dance teaching certification and of course, not taking care about my own self. I wanted to accomplish so many things in life that I forgot my purpose in life…. Aha! So, I had to say to myself… Rosana stop for a minute and slow down…

I then began to think about what are my real goals: can I have a family? Kids? just be settled? Can I accomplish my Doctoral degree as my ultimate goal as a student? Is there a possible way to live longer with Multiple Sclerosis? When I went to the MS clinic, with Dr. Chinea (Shout out to him and the team!) I met awesome professionals who were going through the same… recently diagnosed with MS… a lot of them were in wheel chairs, others in bed, others walking slowly… just like me… Going through this roller coaster of feelings… What can I do? Just enjoy the roller coaster ride that I am living. Taking a step by step moment…

Just an authentic perspective

It is important to find your own goals in life. How can I manage myself with my health and act a “normal” ride? That is a question that I had to ask before even going on…

Wake up and be thankful that you are Authentic!

Always be thankful for everything that you have… Family, Friends who are there for you regardless of your circumstances: They are nonjudgmental, supporting you with a simple listening and grinding you to earth as I would fly with imagination. My husband, family and friends are the one’s who always can tell me the rough truth. We had a couple of meetings to let them know about my ideas… I love them because they listen, let me know about their perspectives as I reevaluate my thoughts. That is a great system to understand through critical thinking my authentic purpose.

My best friends from Middle-High School: They might insult me for this pic… I just love it!

So when you think of the rough truth and analyze, believe as an authentic self to proactive decision making: Think, Act and Live the moment. You can do it!

Rosana Gonzalez

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