International Dance Day: April 29, 2022

gNetwork Project

Collective Dance Work Across the World

I had the privilege of collaborating with amazing choreographers, dancers, poets around the world to Celebrate World Dance Day for April 29, 2022.

I am showing all the artist who collaborated with me and I thank them for the opportunity to engage with movement to make a positive social change. The dance pieces are based on literature with movement. Some of them have interesting folk stories. I hope you enjoy this digital performance.


Promenade 3
Lakmé, The two Flowers Duet. Liliana Couto. (2009)


Don Goyo 101
Monika Cuesta (2022)


Laura Llauder, Choreographer

Puerto Rico

Story from Rafael Cepeda, Modified by Nora Cruz
Rosana González Anaya- Choreographer and Dancer


Reyhan Tuzsuz- Art of Satire

Art of Satire
By Reyhan Tuzsus
Turkish Romani Dance


An (Moment-Mother)
Languages used: Turkish, Abzakh, Kabardian, Albanian, Macedonian
By İdil Kadıoğlu, (2022)

This was a great experience!

Thank you again to network to construct an amazing work! Next week I will net you know about a podcast about our experiences throughout this journey of connecting our dance pieces into a collaborative work.

Rosana González Anaya, M.Ed., M.A., Doctoral Student

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