Networking! Building Collaboration is the key for Success

On December 13, 2021 I had the opportunity to be in the 24th General Assembly in Paris with the International Dance Council, part of the UNESCO. WOW! what an experience! Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, we met following the CDC guidelines including vaccine proof, COVID-19 negative tests, social distancing and with masks on. The purpose of… Continue reading Networking! Building Collaboration is the key for Success

School Safety Protocols: Creating a network Before, During and After a Disaster

Collaboration and Coordination      The research topic for this week is how to create a network of collaboration and coordination for a school building focused on safety protocols to support effective learning environment for student success.       The events of the learning outcomes grants an opportunity to innovate learning outcomes for our future citizens of the… Continue reading School Safety Protocols: Creating a network Before, During and After a Disaster

Keeping the Learning Going

Promoting safety and security without affecting the learning process       The situations in a school community, especially in my island, Puerto Rico, confronted imminent emergencies that constitutes a guided action plan by the school leaders to maintain a safe learning environment. As listening the intern Secretary of Education live with Primera hora, I found that the… Continue reading Keeping the Learning Going

Moving Forward Against Cyberbullying

A significant silent problem around the globe Moving forward against cyberbullying A topic of interest is school protocols for cyberbullying during and after school hours. Based on the literature, I found a need to identify ways to maintain student safety while communicating through technological devices; the situation can consist of significant problems, significantly affecting students' mental health and… Continue reading Moving Forward Against Cyberbullying

Building relationships: A light for your own future

Cincinnati Ballet Swan Lake      The experiences of every person provide an opportunity to connect with similarities or differences to enact positive social change. Based on my doctoral journey,  positive social change starts with a proactive note to build relationships. The potential for a social change depends on the influences and networking with others to… Continue reading Building relationships: A light for your own future

Motivating leaders to innovate

     Educational leaders have the opportunity to engage students for success. As an educational leader, one developed an intrinsic motivation that compressed commitment towards education. This connection brought a pathway to enhance innovation strategies for future generations. The educational leader always reflects and thinks about all the possible ways for a growth mindset to create the… Continue reading Motivating leaders to innovate

Tools for authentic assessment

The innovative tools for an authentic assessment produced an introspective approach based on needs for student success. In order to identify the twenty-first-century skills, one needed to incorporate multiple methods and waited on responses towards individual students’ activities (Greenstein, 2012). Standardized testing engaged an expected proficiency level, lacking uniqueness, and a holistic twenty-first-century education's real… Continue reading Tools for authentic assessment