Virtual Dance Classes

Virtual Classes for all

This program is intended to find the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional part of your journey in life. My practice finds ways to connect our body with a positive daily mindset for success.

Mindfulness I

This packet is intended to understand the why behind the what in learning dance thinking about the Catholic faith. This practical journey will help you spiritually, physically and mentally for your own wellbeing and for others around you.

Intro to Modern Dance
Intro to Contemporary Dance
Intro to Choreography

Technique Clases

This classes intends to support students from the ages 7+

Ballet (Vanganova)
Modern Dance
Contemporary Dance

Mindfulness for Teachers

This courses intends to support teachers in their mindfulness for teaching in different learning environments

Dance History
Movement Analysis

Please log your comments below. Thank you for being part of the Contempodanza journey!

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