Commitment is the Key

The situation with pandemic effect brought challenges never experienced. As educational leaders we need to construct an opportunity of growth for both the teacher and the students to relate for a final product. Commitment is the key when integrating the ideas and concepts to support the main goal, which is for students to graduate and for the educational leaders to innovate with commitment for the student and for their professional growth.

Connections and why are important.

     I danced since I was seven years old. My interest in advocating dance education became an important matter because it allowed me to be the person I am today. As part of my journey, I would like to share the importance of dance education for student success. I moved from Puerto Rico to Florida in 1999 to pursue a bachelor’s in Dance studies. I have a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction in Dance education in 2008 and another master’s in Administration and supervision in 2014. My goal of reaching into having a Ph.D. in Education self-design brought an opportunity to learn from the possible ways of connecting my studies and my experiences as a dance education and educational leader for innovative ideas. The qualitative research in my area of expertise supports student’s academic growth towards the challenges that occur within real global events. As the world is evolving, educators move forward into the many possible ways to construct new pathways for social change. 

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