Moving Forward Against Cyberbullying

A significant silent problem around the globe

Moving forward against cyberbullying

A topic of interest is school protocols for cyberbullying during and after school hours. Based on the literature, I found a need to identify ways to maintain student safety while communicating through technological devices; the situation can consist of significant problems, significantly affecting students’ mental health and well-being. The COVID-19 restricted the pathway for learning around the globe in which electronic devices were a means for teachers and students to interact and communicate. Based on the information, there is a need to identify what can be the protocol for cyberbullying. 

Evaluation of the Concept

The effects of supporting an effective learning environment against cyberbullying address collaboration from educational leaders and parents, using technological devices proactively student well-being. In Grand City (2016) High School, a link showed the need for a school community that built trust and belonging to create a safe learning environment. The school protocols could build trust with the school employees and establish a relationship with parents by establishing parent meetings group discussions about the impact of cyberbullying on recommendations for students to communicate successfully with others. The effect of advocating good cyber-communication in the school environment recognizes a safe learning environment for twenty-first-century education.  

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